• The usage of swearing should be limited to acceptable, mild words that aren't as vulgar as certain phrases that suggest more adult themes.
  • Chatspeak or netspeak ("u" instead of "you") is not permitted in the chatroom. Proper words are to be used. (Though the occassional "brb", "lol" or "g2g" is permitted)
  • Proper grammar is to be presented at all times to create a more mind-refreshing environment.
  • Flooding and/or spamming the chatroom with unnecessary content is prohibited.
  • Expressing desire to learn of another user's personal information is strictly forbidden in the main chatroom.
  • Personal attacks, whether they may be minor or not, are not allowed.

Crime and PunishmentsEdit

Issue: Vulgar Language
Punishment: Two warnings, Two kicks, three day chatban.
Two warnings in total will be given for swearing inappropriately, followed by two kicks. Failure to keep caution of more vulgar swear phrases after the warnings will result in a three day ban from the chatroom.
Issue: Lacking proper grammar
Punishment: Three warnings, one kick, three day chatban.
An amount of three warnings will be the limit for lacking proper grammar representation. Should those warnings continue to have no influence on the user, a three day ban from the chatroom will be placed.
Issue: Chatspeak/netspeak
Punishment: Three warnings, one kick, three day chatban.
Three warnings are issued to users who do not comply with the chatspeak rule, three kicks if still not complient, a three day chatban if said user is still not complying.
Issue: Flooding and/or spamming
Punishment: Three warnings, three kicks, three day chatban.
Warnings will add up to three maximum for flooding/spamming. If such flooding and/or spamming of nonsense content exceed the warning amount given, a three day chat ban will be in order.
Issue: Asking for Personal Information
Punishment: Two warnings, no kicks, one week chatban.
Regardless of the user, if personal information is demanded after two separate warnings and no kicks, a one week chat ban will be given.
Issue: Personal Attacks
Punishment: No warnings, no kicks, three day chatban.
An occurring personal attack will be given no warnings and no kicks, but an automatic three week chat ban.