Discussion GuidelinesEdit

  • No offensive comments are allowed. Any harsh comments on a new idea, or any discussion, regardless of the user's intention will be labeled offensive and the user will be given a temporary ban from the project, ranging from three days to two weeks.
  • Opinions of any member are acceptable. No user is to be excluded from a discussion because of their rank in the project along with their status on the Harry Potter Role-Play Wiki. Any member who is berated in this manner must immediately tell a Prefect or above, preferably through public means. Both sides of the story must be heard, supported with evidence, and if the victim is correct, a firm four week ban will be given to the offender. A three day Wiki ban will also be in order depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Proper grammar is required. We need to be able to understand what you are saying in a discussion. Should this rule be broken at a maximum of three times, the member will receive a one week ban from the project. If after this, they refuse to comply, a removal from the project will be in order for a month. Only when the last two project bans don't influence the user is when a short Wiki ban will be in order.

More Coming Soon