Deputy Headmaster Guidelines for Project PagesEdit


One of the important tasks that the Deputy Headmaster must fulfill is the adding of new members when requested on the project's talk page. Newer members who have any questions should be directed to the Headmaster, who is required to give a response within a week of the question given- there are exceptions. Should the Headmaster be unavailable at the given time, a new member should ask the Deputy Headmaster next.
The involvement of the Deputy Headmaster in a manner of contributing to the project is important. Being active is critical to the project and should the Deputy Headmaster not keep good track of the project alongside the Headmaster for a maximum of five weeks, they will lose their position and automatically be listed as a Ghost. Should they return, they will not be allowed to take back their position, but at most, be given the rank of Professor. The only exception to this rule is if the Deputy Headmaster is dealing with a family issue or going on vacation, they notify the Headmaster so that a temporary Deputy Headmaster may be appointed. If the Deputy Headmaster does not return within five weeks following their promised return date, the Headmaster will be required to announce a new Deputy Headmaster within the following week.
Keeping the talk page clean is a major must and the Deputy Headmaster has the duty, though it is allowed that a Prefect or higher rank may fulfill the task should the circumstances be that the Headmaster is inactive or busy with other stuff that take their attention away at the given time.
On the occasion that a Deputy Professor has retired or has been concluded as an inactive member, the Headmaster's job is to announce the new Deputy Professor within the following week. If the new Deputy Professor is not named at the given time, the rest of the project may create a topic on the talk page, suggesting who may become the new Deputy Professor. If at least 80% of the Project agree with the choice, then that individual will become the new Deputy Headmaster, regardless of the Headmaster's wish.
The Deputy Headmaster is to, along with Prefects and higher, nominate members that deserve a higher position in the Nomination section of the project's talk page.


  • Two months in the Project (with the exception of the first seven months of the making of the Harry Potter Role-play Wiki)