Bibliographical Information
Adoption Day: March 16th, 2017
Species: Phoenix
Owner: Reella Weasley
Physical Information
Eye Colour: Bright blue
Feather Colour: Golden
Gender: Female
Mother: Kay
Loyalties: Reella Weasley
Life: Living
Martial: Single

Lei is the pet phoenix of Reella Weasley. She is a golden phoenix, a subspecies, and is quite different from the regular phoenix. (see Golden Phoenix) Lei was adopted on the day Reella went to Diagon Alley for the first time, on her birthday.


Lei is Reella's pet, and a pet that she loves dearly. Kind and helpful, Lei always helps Reella out with what she can and will send for help when it's needed. She is very loyal and would never leave Reella or anyone Reella loves in danger. Lei is very smart and know how to do things right, and if she gets them wrong, she'll be a bit unhappy. Lei is rather bubbly for a bird, and is absolutely lovely to Reella, though cold to those Reella and herself do not like.


Before ReellaEdit

Lei was the daughter of a phoenix named Ki and a golden eagle named John.
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